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Computer Science & Math

Discrete Mathematics: Methods and Applications

Abdul-Majid Wazwaz, St. Xavier University

Discrete Mathematics: Methods and Applications is designed for a beginning course in...

Contemporary Computing

Jim Janossy, Depaul University

This workbook provides a contemporary understanidng of computers and modern software to explore...

Computer Skills and Concepts: A Mastery Approach

by Robert V. Price, Steven M. Crooks, and Jongpil Cheon

The approach employed in this book is best suited for a mastery approach to learning. The book...

Computer and Information Ethics

Marsha Cook Woodbury, Ph.D.

Computer and Information Ethics provides an up-to-date study into the ever-increasing...

Information Technology

Jim Janossy and Laura McFall, DePaul University, Chicago

This workbook is designed to present a contemporary introduction to information technology. It...

Data Structures Using JAVA 5.0

Nicholas J. De Lillo, Manhattan College

This text is designed to be used for a course at the intermediate or advanced undergraduate...

Software Architecture Design: Methodology and Style

Lixin Tao, Xiang Fu and Kai Qian

This book provides a smooth and practical introduction to the software architecture design...

Digital Convergence Phase 2: A Field Guide for Creator-Collaborators

Andy Covell, Syracuse University

The so-called "Internet revolution" is driven by proactive, technologically adept "creator-...

Java Please!

James Janossy, DePaul University

From the author:

"Don’t start with object orientation.  Start with basic concepts and...

Elementary Numerical Computing with Mathematica

Robert D. Skeel and Jerry B. Keiper

This book is co-authored by one of the original eight co-developers of Mathematica and is a...