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Health Sciences

Drugs of Abuse: a Quick Information Guide

Mark J. Minelli

Unlike most books on drug abuse, this book cuts through the long narratives and endless chapters...

The Art of Living: Pathways to Personal Growth

Mark J. Minelli

Designed for Dr. Minelli's courses at Central Michigan University, this unique text-workbook...

Beyond Beer Goggles: Interactive Teaching Methods for Alcohol, Other Drugs and AIDS Prevention

Mark J. Minelli

This interactive teaching manual, now in a fourth edition, includes over seventy classroom...

Health Ethics

John M. Charles

This unique text is a useful and usable recipe for ethical action.  It is based on applied moral...

Handbook of the Dietary Reference Intakes

C. Murray Ardies

This handbook is designed to be a quick-reference guide to the DRI's and nutrients. It is...