Stipes Publishing is a family owned and managed company.

We have published the finest educational materials for over 80 years.



Stipes Publishing is interested in publishing projects for the educational market, whether the potential market is national and/or international, regional or just local ("custom publishing").

Stipes has marketed and sold our publications nationally and internationally for over 80 years. We have many nationally recognized and honored titles in such diverse fields as Horticuture and Group Piano. Although we traditionally have focused on certain subject areas, we are always looking for new areas of educational publishing to explore. So please let us know your publishing interests, whatever the subject area! The prospectus guideline, although not required, will help you organize your proposal.


Custom Publishing

Stipes Publishing offers custom publishing options. Our custom publishing service offers affordable rates for almost any size project. Need a workbook printed for a class of 150 students? We can help. Have a one semester run of a unique lesson plan? We can help. Keep reading to find out how or contact us to begin the process. 

Custom Publishing Details

We are interested in all educational areas.

  1. Stipes will handle even small quantities at reasonable prices.  Your course would normally have to have at least 150 students per year.
  2. The individual arrangements can vary with different circumstances.  For example, if you would want us to print up 150 copies for a year's supply it would likely mean you would have to supply camera ready copy (or an electronic file – preferably a PDF file).  Or, if you have a larger annual enrollment, we may be able to format your book in-house at Stipes and then have you proof it before we print.  Such an arrangement takes some time, and we would work with you on that.  Greater numbers also open the door for possible color and other enhancements.

The largest step for any author to make is that which puts your needs in our hands.  Can you trust Stipes Publishing to meet your need, be trustworthy, be honest and reliable?  We think that after 80 years we can prove we can be relied upon without question. The two partners, John Z. Hecker, Colgate '73, Wharton '75, SMU J.D. '80; and Benjamin H. Watts, Dartmouth '84, Michigan Law '88 deal with all of our authors with our long time Associate, Steve Woodard, Illinois '92.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in exploring any idea of publishing with us please phone, fax write, or e-mail your ideas, plans, desires, needs, proposal or outline to us.

We hope that the questions and answers that follow will answer some of your questions, but we know that talking and/or communicating with you is the best way to find out if we are right for you.


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Tell Us about Your Project

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some questions we are frequently asked. We hope that our answers will encourage you to discuss with us the possibility of publishing your book. 

  1. Does Stipes finance the publication? Yes. We pay all costs involved. The author has no financial obligation. Our obligation extends for all costs involved in the manufacture and distribution of the book. All of the risk involved is ours. We also pay a royalty twice a year. 
  2. Does Stipes market books nationally? Yes. In addition, all books that are marketed nationally and internationally are listed in various publications and sites(such as Amazon) that are used to facilitate finding and ordering a book.
  3. Is Stipes interested in publications which are not for national distribution? Yes. Many of our publications are designed for use by an author for a specific course at his or her school. Some of these publications are course outlines, syllabi, or specialized materials developed for a particular course. The feasibility of such an arrangement depends upon the number of students involved. It would normally require over 150 students per year. If enough students are involved, revisions can be made from year to year and in some cases even more frequently. (See "Custom Publishing" above.) 
  4. Will Stipes work with material in its developmental stage? Yes. We frequently work with an author on a preliminary edition. Our requirements for the size of a printing are small enough that such an arrangement allows for revisions and additions after a short period of time. Until the book is in final form, it is usually used at only the author’s own campus or possibly a few others. After it has evolved into a final publication, it can be marketed nationally. 
  5. Would Stipes be interested in working on a publication which is under contract to another publisher? With the approval of the other publisher, we have worked on preliminary editions of another publisher’s book. In such a case, the author is enabled to use the material in the classroom for a few years before it is released for publication in a final edition. 
  6. What types of formats and bindings does Stipes offer? We are in no way limited in this sense. The economy involved is the only limitation. Some of our publications are cloth, some with standard wrap-around paperback binding (perfect binding), some with spiral wire and plastic binding, and some with a specially designed binding that allows for tearout sheets. 
  7. Will Stipes permit photographs and other illustrations? Yes. All types can be used including 4-color illustrations. Here again, economy is the only limitation. The author and publisher should communicate in advance as to the amount and type of illustrations that are desired. 
  8. Will my publication be reasonably priced? Yes. Very few publishers have their own printing facilities. We do have our own complete facilities. On occasion, we will farm out work the way most publishers do for all of their publications. However, our prices are based on our normal costs, which do not include a “middleman” mark-up that many publishers must include. 
  9. What sort of manuscript preparation is required? Many publications which are desiged for use just on the author's campus (custom publishing) are provided to Stipes "camera ready" or as a print ready PDF file. If time allows and the numbers are great enough we can provide all preparation in our plant.  So, from camera ready copy to full typesetting services, the particular needs and demands of the project can be met. 
  10. Will I get help in the preparation of my manuscript? Yes. We work closely with our authors. We are not a giant corporation, and we feel that our personal working relationship with our authors is the essence of our business. We do not presume to be expert in each of our authors’ fields. However, we can give some editorial assistance and arrange for critical evaluations if the author desires us to do so. Some times we provide full professional editing. 
  11. Can DVDs or CDs be included with my book? Yes, we can include these media. We usually insert them in a pocket attached to the inside front or back cover and shrinkwrap the book. 
  12. Will Stipes take care of obtaining permissions to use copyrighted materials which I have included in my manuscript? Yes. We will contact the copyright holder and obtain all necessary permissions. We also pay any required permission fees. When we are faced with unusually high permission fees, we consult with the author before proceeding. 
  13. Will my publication be copyrighted? Yes. It can be copyrighted either in our name or that of the author. In addition, all books that are marketed nationally are listed in the various publications such as Books in Print that are used throughout the country to facilitate finding and ordering a book. 
  14. Can I obtain references regarding Stipes? Yes. We are more than happy to refer you to any of our authors. We have authors on campuses from coast to coast and in Canada. We feel that the goodwill we have with our authors is our greatest asset. Please do ask us for references. 
  15. Will I lose control over my manuscript once it is turned over to Stipes? No. We do not presume to make reprintings, revisions, editorial changes, or other changes without the author’s consent. No decision regarding the handling of your book, manual, syllabus, or outline will be made without your consent. 
  16. How quickly can my book be produced? Because we have our own facilities, we are able to rush books through our plant. Sometimes we have been able to get a book out in a matter of two to three weeks (usually for a custom published book). However, normal scheduling requires that we have two to four months. This is flexible, and we will be happy to do our best to accommodate your needs. 
  17. How long has Stipes been in the publishing business? We have been in business for over 80 years. 
  18. How many titles does Stipes have? We have more than 300 titles. 
  19. What is the standard Stipes royalty? Our standard royalty is 15% of the list price.  Circumstances can justify different amounts. 
  20. How will my book be distributed? Stipes publications are sold through all normal publishing outlets, including Amazon, as well as your local campus bookstores. 
  21. What kind of information can I furnish Stipes for evaluation of the commercial potential of the material? See the "Prospectus Guideline".