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The Art of Grain Merchandising

Sherry Lorton and Don White

Grain Merchandising is an art that is taught at some schools and should be taught in all...

Introduction to Crop Production

Lori Unruh Snyder

Various lecture chapters comprise the first portion of this book. The lecture topics include...

Introductory Experimental Soil Science

Burns Sabey, Brian P. Klubek, She-Kong Chong, Edward C. Varsa

This classic laboratory manual has been newly revised! The new co-authors include three...

The Theory and Practice of Futures Markets

Raymond Leuthold, Joan Junkus, and Jean Cordier

This unique book blends theory with the practical use of both commodity and financial futures...

Farmer's Edge

Philip Luce and Sherry Lorton with Don White

This is a short practical guide to profitable farm marketing. It is a supplement for classroom...

Introductory Soils Laboratory Manual

J. J. Hassett

This laboratory manual has been totally revised in this, its eighth edition. There are 11...

Profit on the Farm II

Sherry Lorton and Don White

The great success of this practical marketing guide brought about this new edition after only...

Engineering Applications in Agriculture

Wendell Bowers, Benjamin Jones, and Elwood Olver

This edition includes updatings and revisions that keep this book current and relevant. From...