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Academic Advising & Student Success

Leading Literacy Programs: Proven Practices

Paulette P. Harris

The book is geared towards both new and veteran teachers and tutors who wish to improve their...

From Departing to Achieving

Ye He, Bryant L. Hutson, Michael J. Elliott, and Jennifer L. Bloom

This new guide is a vital resource for incoming international students and scholars!This book...

The Appreciative Advising Revolution Training Workbook

Jennifer L. Bloom of University of South Carolina, Bryant L. Hutson of Credo, Ye He of University of North Carolina at Greendsboro, and Erin Konkle of University of Minnesota

This training workbook supplements the material presented in the best-selling text, The...

Appreciative College Instruction: Becoming a Force for Positive Change in Student Success Courses

Jennifer Bloom, Bryant Hutson, Ye He, and Claire Robinson

The vast majority of higher education institutions offer courses that are designed specifically...

The Appreciative Advising Revolution

Jennifer Bloom, Bryant Hutson, and Ye He

Appreciative Advising, a revolutionary academic advising philosophy, calls professional and...