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From Departing to Achieving

Keys to Success for International Students in U.S. College and Universities
Ye He, Bryant L. Hutson, Michael J. Elliott, and Jennifer L. Bloom

This new guide is a vital resource for incoming international students and scholars!

This book focuses on two key elements that may contribute to success: (a) information and strategies to negotiate differences in cultural expectations and environments and (b) approaches and skills to leverage linguistic, cultural, and learning experiences so that the international student can share your expertise with others on campus.  After reading this book and completing the application exercises, the international student will be able to

  • develop sufficient knowledge of higher education systems in the United States,
  • enhance self-knowledge about strengths and assets as an international college student,
  • acquire learning skills and strategies for academic success,
  • foster competencies in cross-cultural communication and self-advocacy,
  • reflect on development of intercultural competence and global awareness, and
  • gain awareness of bicultural identity formation.