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Computer Science & Math


Data Structures Using JAVA 5.0

Nicholas J. De Lillo, Manhattan College
This text is designed to be used for a course at the intermediate or advanced undergraduate level in data structures and algorithms, covering all of the topics that are usually treated in this area. The implementation language is Java. The key distinguishing factor in this text is the heavy emphasis on, and the extensive use of, the predefined facilities that are available from the java.util library.
The level of presentation is that described by the Association for Computing Machinery as CS2 and CS7. This involves topics that are usually presented in a second course in computer science, as well as a following course generally called "Data Structures and Algorithms," usually taught to undergraduate majors in computer science and related fields, such as computer engineering and software engineering.
The text may also prove useful as a reference tool for graduate students in this area, and, very likely, for an intensive first course in computer science and object-oriented design (ODD).