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Digital Convergence Phase 2: A Field Guide for Creator-Collaborators

Andy Covell, Syracuse University
The so-called "Internet revolution" is driven by proactive, technologically adept "creator-collaborators" who are toiling in the trenches of new technology for significant personal and professional gain.  Digital convergence, the convergence of computing, digital communications technoloy and digital media, is the overarching technological phenomenon that make this possible.
Digital Convergence Phase 2 offers an inutitive technical framework to help creator-collaborators better understand the technology-enabled empowerment they're experiencing and what it means in the larger context of our institutions, economy, and society.  In short, this book clarifies and explains digital convergence, and explores the significan impact of convergence as we enter a new phase of its evolution.  It is written to inform, guide, and energize creator-collaborators like you who will change the world during phase 2.