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Computer Science & Math

Sixth Edition

Computer Skills and Concepts: A Mastery Approach

by Robert V. Price, Steven M. Crooks, and Jongpil Cheon

The approach employed in this book is best suited for a mastery approach to learning. The book is organized into modules (or units of instruction). Each module is designed to be independent of the others and is self-guided for individualized instruction. If learners are to master the use of the computer, they must read each module carefully and work through each hands-on exercise with the computer. Application and practice are essential to the development of any skill. Learning to use computers comes only through practice, and continued practice will bring increased confidence in, and mastery of, using the technology of the personal computer. 

Each module involves both a reading assignment, practice exercises, and several hands-on computer application assignments. The focus of the book is on practical skills. 

Table of Contents: 
  • Module 1: Introduction to Computers & Technology
  • Module 2: Windows7 and Microsoft Office 2010
  • Module 3: Word Processing
  • Module 4: Advanced Word Processing & Desktop Publishing
  • Module 5: Spreadsheets
  • Module 6: Presentation Graphics
  • Module 7: Database Management
  • Module 8: Computer Graphics
  • Module 9: The Internet
  • Module 10: Productivity Software
  • Module 11: Computer Application Skills