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Police Training


Police Executive Leadership

Donald G. Hanna

Written from the practitioner's perspective, this book focuses on results instead of process. It pertains to what and why instead of how and who. It is more concerned with substance than style. This is a leadership perspective.

This book provides a practical model for police executives and senior managers. It provides a feasible and functional pattern. This pattern enhances police executive survival and leadership development.

The author has twenty-two years experience as a chief of police. For three years he had faculty appointment at the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois. For five years he had an adjunct faculty appointment at Ohio State University to instruct Police Organization. He earned the B.A. Degree in Police Administration from Indiana University and the M.A. Degree in Public Administration from the University of Illinois. He has authored eight other books pertaining to police work. From 1983 to 1992, he was Chief of Police for Champaign, Illinois.