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Police Training

2016 Edition

Illinois Criminal Law and Procedure: A Law Enforcement Perspective/Statutes, Cases and Commentary

With: Illinois Rules of Evidence and Commentary
Steven Beckett

The Stipes Publishing book on Illinois Criminal Law and Procedure was first published in the 1970's. Several different authors have been responsible for this book through the decades and we are thrilled University of Illinois Professor and long time criminal law attorney Steven Beckett came on board as the author of the 2011 edition. After receiving valuable feedback from users of the book, Beckett has produced the 2016 edition which reflects that feedback as well as new statutes and court cases of the last two years.

This book is essential for the training of new police and has been used throughout the state in departmental training programs and in college and academy classrooms in criminal justice, criminal law and police training. The demand that we have had for a new edition of this respected title makes us realize how important it has become in its field.

This edition continues to print the Illinois Statutes with comments, court rulings and interpretations following them. As we have often been told, this book is essential for police training but it is still worthy of note and use by attorneys. Steve Beckett is more than qualified to accomplish this mission. His experience as a trial lawyer and his position as a University of Illinois Law Professor gives us the best of the academic as well as the real world.