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Organization Behavior & Development


Appreciative Inquiry: Foundations in Positive Organization Development

edited by David L. Cooperrider, Peter F. Sorensen Jr., Therese F. Yaeger, and Diana Whitney

This book is an extension and further development of ideas and applications presented in the initial book of readings on Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Inquiry: Rethinking Human Organization Toward a Positive Theory of Change, and the succeeding Appreciative Inquiry Reader, Appreciative Inquiry: An Emerging Direction for Organization Development.  This book retains the articles included in the previous editions, but much more than doubles the number of articles included in the first edition.  Much of the increased material is a reflection of the growth of Appreciative Inquiry, especially the expansion of international applications.  This edition also includes additional awards received using Appreciative Inquiry.  This book retains much of the original three-part structure.