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11th edition

Keyboard Musicianship: Piano for Adults Book Two

James Lyke, Tony Caramia, Geoffrey Haydon, and Ronald Chioldi

Keyboard Musicianship, Piano for Adults, Book Two provides comprehensive and diverse materials for the second-year, group-piano class, college curriculum.  The materials in this book integrate repertoire and technical studies with practical piano skills such as sight-reading, score reading, and accompanying.  In addition, it follows closely with the third and fourth semester college music theory course sequence by incorporating activities such as harmonization of folk and popular melodies, performance of traditional and jazz chord progressions, harmonic musical analysis, and improvisation. 

The text's eight chapters and appendices provide a wealth of diverse material.  Chapters one through four are normally covered in the first semester class, with chapters five through eight covered in the second semester class.  Appendices A-C provide a glossary of musical terms, fingerings for all scales and arpeggios, and supplemental holiday music and patriotic songs.  In addition, each chapter contains a new, special feature that introduces students to detailed, sequential instruction in improvisation.  Each exercise provides rhythmic and harmonic structures over which students are encouraged to improvise.

Make sure you give yourself the opportunity to evaluate this book. You owe it to your students as well as yourself to understand why so many adoptions and honors have come its way.