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Keyboard Fundamentals, 7th

James Lyke, Denise Edwards, Geoffrey Haydon, Ronald Chioldi, and Lee Evans

Keyboard Fundamentals provides a carefully sequenced approach to piano study for adult beginners (teenagers to seniors). It stresses the basics of reading, melodic structure, rhythm, harmony, and piano technique.  Included in each chapter are solos and ensemble pieces.  Students learn to harmonize melodies with chord symbols and improvise short pieces.  The organization of each chapter makes planning and assigning easy for the teacher.  The overall aim of the book is to promote keyboard musicianship.  

Headings at the beginning of each chapter indicate what will be explored.  These topics are studied and played in many forms.  They appear in rhythms, melodies, harmonies, etc., and culminate in solos and ensemble pieces.  A special feature is the use of chord symbols (C7,Gm) used in popular music and lead sheets.  Students learn to voice the chords properly.   

The 7th edition of Keyboard Fundamentals contains many new solo pieces, ensemble pieces, and arrangements by James Lyke, Denise Edwards, Geoffrey Haydon, Ronald Chioldi, and Lee Evans.  The solos and ensemble pieces highlight the new elements introduced at the beginning of each chapter.  Principles of composing by Lee Evans are a feature of each chapter.  CD tracks appear throughout Keyboard Fundamentals.  These are orchestrated by Geoffrey Haydon and will stimulate the student in practice sessions.

Keyboard Fundamentals has many adoptions at community colleges and universities.  It is also used in private studios.  It is an ideal book for group instruction in piano labs.  Many classes for seniors use this book who find the progression of topics ideal.