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4th Edition

Ensemble Music for Group Piano

James Lyke and Geoffrey Haydon

Ensemble Music for Group Piano by James Lyke was first published in 1965.  That started our association with the person who is today recognized as one of the preeminent figures in the world of classroom piano.  Now 37 years after the first edition we are proud to bring you the fourth edition.

This new edition of Ensemble Music For Group Piano by James Lyke and Geoffrey Haydon is designed as a supplementary book for college piano classes as well as private studios equipped with digital piano labs.  It may be used with any text or piano series to develop skills in ensemble playing and musicianship study, especially sight-reading. Difficulty level ranges from elementary to lower-intermediate.

The book is divided into three sections. Section One provides experience with major and minor five-finger patterns in the primo part. A variety of keys, rhythms and touches is explored. Section Two consists of original and arranged works for one-piano, four hands. Composers range from Beethoven to Persichetti, and students should be encouraged to play both primo and secondo parts. Section Three features music for two, three, five and six pianos or keyboards. This section welcomes experimentation with orchestration, as many arrangements are extracted from symphonic works.

A CD is included for Sections One and Two as well as all the two-piano arrangements in Section Three. The CD/MIDI tracks have been recorded by co-author Dr. Geoffrey Haydon of the Georgia State University School of Music faculty. A 3.5 inch SMF disk is available from the publisher at no extra charge.