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Second Edition


John Plecnik, David M. Zielonka and Stephen Plecnik

As the title indicates, this logic text is meant to be a user-friendly introduction to a discipline that has often received a bad reputation for being too difficult, and for being practically useless in a student's everyday life.  Unfortunately, part of the reason why logic has received such negative attention is because most mainstream logic texts today are not meant for the intelligent college student; they broach topics that should not be broached in an intro course; and they are too baroque in their explantions of fundamental concepts.

This text is the logical contrary, so to speak, of such overdone textbooks in terms of content.  It is a no-frills introduction to logic, which always attempts to put the student's understanding of the material first.

Even the structure of this text is meant to be user-friendly to both students and teachers: the text as a whole is divided into four major parts, and each Chapter is short and to the point, with helpful examples, rules, and principles clearly emphasized for ease of reading.