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Kinesiology and Physical Activity

Second Edition

Natural Tennis

David J. Staniford and John K. Boaz

This is a very different tennis book from most you have read. It is different primarily because it does not emphasize strokes. Nor does it seek to provide detailed explanations of how strokes are produced. Many players in the past have risen to the very top of the game with poor strokes. Picture perfect forehands, backhands, volleys, lobs, and serves are not nearly as important to winning tennis as natural and automatic movement, confidence, concentration, and racket work. Tennis at the advanced levels is played almost automatically. The top players react to the environment and respond according to the shot produced by their opponents. You can teach yourself to play automatically through a knowledge of the principles outlined in this book. The practice and application of these principles will enable you to learn more about yourself and to improve your ability to play tennis more naturally and automatically.