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Kinesiology and Physical Activity


Elementary Physical Education: Building a Solid Movement Foundation

Samuel Baumgarten and Terence Langton
This tightly written, clearly focused text on movement education will be ideal for any basic teacher preparation course in elementary physical education.  The authors have used their years of experience teaching both elementary students and future educators to create this text which is designed as a “roadmap” to elementary physical education. 
This “road map” answers the questions:
  • Content:  What should children know and be able to do?
  • Performance:  How good is good enough?
  • Program:  What is the design of a quality physical education program?
Highlights include:
  • A K-6 physical education curriculum based on Laban’s Movement Framework.
  • A developmentally appropriate scope and sequence of learning experiences in games, dance, gymnastics, and fitness, linked with NASPE’s National Standards.
  • Over 40 teaching units in games, dance, and gymnastics.
  • A permeation approach to physical fitness activities and assessment.
  • Chapters on Teaching Methodology and Classroom Management, featuring Mosston’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles and Hellison’s TPSR model.
  • A wide-ranging sample of assessments in the motor, cognitive, and affective domains.
  • Motor skill assessments linked to the Movement Framework.
Raises the bar in elementary physical education — pushing the issue of teaching to the National Standards with appropriate practices.