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Kinesiology and Physical Activity

2nd Edition

Coaching Leadership Handbook: Instilling Values and Character through Sport

Stephen Posner
The purpose of this book is to explain the need to teach positive values and important life skills to children and young adults through active sport participation and highlight how this should be accomplished.  This insightful book explains that teaching positive values and providing growth opportunities for an individual should be emphasized as a coaching priority in youth, scholastic and collegiate sport.  The new 2nd edition features a new chapter on "Developing the Passionate Athlete."
The book is authored by the Springfield College Men’s Gymnastics Coach and 2007 Honor Coach Recipient.
The vast popularity of sport in society provides a fertile ground for teaching values and life skills.  Coaches often lose sight of this coaching responsibility in their eagerness to win.  The Coaching Leadership Handbook presents a leadership pyramid of life skill development and explains how to help teach these necessary tools.  This original teaching pyramid consists of mastery orientation, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and finally, empowerment.  Each of these constructs is built on developing skills within the proceeding construct with the final goal of athlete empowerment and self-actualization.
Specific examples are provided from Coach Posner’s twenty-five years of coaching, as well as discussion questions at the end of each chapter.  A booklet of suggested answers to the discussion questions is available to instructors upon request.  This is an ideal supplement for classes in Coaching, Sport Leadership and Sport Ethics!