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Kinesiology and Physical Activity


The Big Desk Is Yours: An Inspirational and Informational Manual for Student Teaching in Health and Physical Education

Joan S. Leafman
“Why hasn’t this book been written before?” is what will come to mind when you read The Big Desk Is Yours.
The Big Desk Is Yours is a roadmap for student teachers that will answer every question about what it’s like to teach, what’s expected of them, their students and their professional community.  Every aspiring physical educator, health teacher and coach must own this book in order to help master the very special requirements of physical education instruction.  Unique to this book are the tools to assure success for those who need to know the how, what and why, not only of the classroom but of the gymnasium, athletic fields, cafeteria and pool as well.  The Big Desk Is Yours will remain at the top of the pile of students’ handy desk references long after their student teaching days are over.  Written by a 27-year, front line veteran in the health, physical education, recreation and athletics field, The Big Desk Is Yours will instruct and inspire students to be the best educational professionals that they can be.