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Planting Design: A Manual of Theory and Practice

William R. Nelson

Planting Design has been acclaimed throughout the academic and professional world as an outstanding book that combines the theory with the practical in the art of planting design.

This book will serve the needs of the classroom student, the design professional whether landscape architect, architect, designer, or the individual interested in self-instruction in the art of planting design. Written by the author of Landscaping Your Home, which is also a best seller, this book has the same style and purpose--to enable the reader to deal with the principles of design as well as the practical application of these principles.

This third revision is an expansion of the planting design theory and practice presented in earler editions.  This classic title now includes herbaceous plants and addresses each design quality for each herbaceous plant considered for design.

Section one deals with woody plant material, and section two with the design theory and practical applications using herbaceous material.

The scope of the book is both broad in dealing with the creative process, theory of composition and the process of selection and arrangement of plants.  It is narrow in that it does not digress from the focus in planting design.