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Higher Education Administration


Career Aspirations and Expeditions: Advancing Your Career in Higher Education Administration

Nancy Archer Martin and Jennifer Bloom

Note:  The working title of the pre-publication version of this book was The College and University Administrator's Guide to Career Advancement.

This practical and effective book is a value-based approach to the job search process. It is written by a leading higher education executive search consultant and the administrative director of the M.D./Ph.D. program at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  The book prepares the reader to expertly maneuver through the search process by creating a winning cover letter and CV, navigating the complexities of the interview process, taking control of the negotiation process, and establishing a successful transition.

Table of Contents: 

Table of Contents

Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
Format of the Book

I. Finding and Following the True North of Your Values Compass

“Best-Work Factors”
Values, Stories, & Questions (VSQ) Chart
Professional Goals Chart II. Training for Success
Building Your Professional Skills Portfolio
Personal Skills Portfolio – How to Avoid Interview/Career Derailers

III. Selecting the Right Time, Place and Mountain

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Advice for Specific Situations
This is Your Life – How and When to Share Uncomfortable Information
Now that you have Decided to Explore the Possibilities

IV. Equipment Essentials – Cover Letters, CVs, and Managing Your Reference List

The Cover Letter is Everything
The Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Managing Your Reference List
Selecting Your References
Dealing with Rejection

V. Maps, Strategies, and Sherpas – Successfully Navigating the Interview Process

To Interview or Not to Interview?
Professional Considerations
Interview Questions
Interview Options
Tips for Success on Phone Interviews
Tips for Success on Videoconference Interviews
Airport Interviews
Time-Out to Re-Center
The Campus Interview
Post-Interview Analysis
Time-Out to Re-Center

VI. Securing the Apex - Negotiating the Package

Tools For Institutional Success
Time-Out to Re-Center
Personal Basics
Relocation/Housing Expenses
Personal and Family Issues
The Negotiation Checklist
Effectively Managing the Multiple Search Constituencies
Timing the End Game
The Personality Factor
Legal Assistance

VII. Successful Transitions

The Value of a Transition Plan and Committee
Composition of the Transition Committee
Typical Transition Committee Duties
Assimilating into the Academic Community
Sample Transition Plans
Dealing with Inevitable Surprises
Tips to Ensure a Successful Transition

VIII. Special Opportunities for More than Half the Population

Overarching Strategies
Deal Makers — By Chapter
Parting Thoughts

IX. Working With Sherpas: Introduction to the Modus Operandi of Search Consultants

Introduction to the Modus Operandi of Search Consultants
The Typical Role of the Search Consultant
The Finances and the Firms
A Lens on the Life of a Search Consultant
Securing Your Search Consultant as an Ally
Tips for Optimal Consultant Management

Epilogue Hiring Aspirations & Expeditions: Recruiting and Retaining Successful Higher Education Administrators

Appendix A: Select List of National Leadership Opportunities 145

Appendix B: Sample Cover Letters and CV’s

Appendix C: Sample Letter of Negotiated Agreement