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Environmental Education

Teacher Edition

Investigating and Evaluating Environmental Issues of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo River Valley

by Trudi L. Volk, William J. Bluhm, Harold R. Hungerford, and John M. Ramsey

Throughout the Rio Grande River and the valley in which it flows are a deluge of problems and issues. This book is a product of the Discover a Watershed: The Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Project, part of The Watercourse and International Project WET's Discover a Watershed Series. This study is intended to teach young middle and secondary students how the developers see the River on the one hand and how the river valley inhabitants – human and non-human – view it on the other.

This book is the result of hundreds of hours studying the literature, newspaper clippings, the Internet, and in personal correspondence, not to mention 139 staff-days spent in, on and around the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo.