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Electrical Engineering


Power Circuits & Electromechanics

M.A. Pai

This book is intended to serve as a one semester introductory course in power circuits and electromechanical energy conversion.  In many curricula, the traditional circuit theory course is being replaced by a course in analog processing.  The students should  have basic exposure to KCL, KVL and simple circuits as well as a course in field theory or electromagnetism before taking this course.  The book is basically in three modules.

The first module covers complex power in single and three phase circuits, analysis of magnetic circuits, mutually coupled circuits and single phase transformers.

The second module, drawing  upon the quasi-static approximation of magnetic field equations, develops the concepts of electromechanical energy conversion, forces of electric origin leading to the dynamics equations of motion of the electromechanical system.  A brief introduction to state space modeling, static equilibrium and stability is included.

The third module discusses in the energy, co-energy framework, the torque of electric origin in synchronous, induction and DC machines.  In each case, the equivalent circuit for the machine for steady state operation is developed for analysis purposes.  A brief discussion of single phase motors is presented at the end.