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Early Childhood Education

Second Edition

Empowering Parents, Families, Schools and Communities During the Early Childhood Years

Kevin J. Swick, University of South Carolina
Early childhood educators need to craft and use responsive concepts and strategies in involving parents, families, and communities in strengthening chidren's early learning and development.  Constructs that are integral to this process: empowerment, partnership, ecological framework, at-risk and special needs.  Empowerment aims to enable parents, families, and communities to gain more control over the settings in which all human beings grow and develop.  It is this concept of empowerment that is used throughout the book.
Recurring features in each chapter in the book include "capsules" that open each chapter with a brief overview of key ideas; specific objectives for each chapter; case application activities that invite the reader to apply concepts presented; summative discussions, and listings of relevant web sites and references.