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Third Edition

Workbook for General Chemistry

Bassam Z. Shakhashiri and Rodney Schreiner, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
This workbook contains a series of lessons that deal with many of the skills needed for success in a general chemistry course. The lessons allow and help the student to develop, on their own and at their own pace, the ability to solve various sorts of problems encountered in such a course. It is a complement to a textbook that provides a context for the exercises and problems presented.
In each lesson, the essentials of selected chemical concepts and principles are presented and illustrated along with related problems and their solutions. A step-by-step approach has shown to develop student confidence in solving word problems. Students see how problems are solved and then test their knowledge and sills with similar exercises. Full solutions to the exercises are provided at the back of the workbook.
Thousands of students have used this approach and found it beneficial. Their instructors have found the drill and practice provided by this workbook to help students link the mechanics of solving problems with thorough understanding of chemical concepts and principles.