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General Chemistry Quantitative and Qualitative Laboratory Experiments for Science Majors, Book A

Jan Dekker and Dan Kimball
This unique lab manual combines the thorough teaching of all chemical concepts needed in a General Chemistry class with the important nuts-and-bolts considerations of low chemical use and thus descreased waste, as well as easy lab preparation!  In the current tight budget times in education, all this is very welcome.
The authors believe that chemistry is fun and try to incorporate that spirit as much as possible into the student's laboratory experience.  Explaining the theory of London Dispersion Forces hits home when combined with a fun polymer lab!  That is the philosophy of this lab manual.
The preparations are convenient with a supplementary Solutions and Preparations Manual which is available to the instructor upon notification of adoption.
All experiments have been thoroughly used and extensively tested with hundreds of students and six different instructors over eight semesters.  It works!