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Chemistry: From The Bottom Up



The target markets for this book are the one semester Basic Chemistry, Introduction to Chemistry, and Preparatory Chemistry courses, and the first term of an Allied Health Chemistry.  The book will provide a solid foundation for students who have not taken chemistry previously, or who may have taken an elementary course in high school.  It employs a distinctive, provocative writing style that will stimulate students' interest in science in general and chemistry in particular, building as it does upon the author's experience with teaching the subject to a wide range of atypical students.

The book provides a sufficient mathematical base for students who require chemistry as a prerequisite in some vocational training, for example health sciences, but who are not necessarily science majors, without presuming that students already possess this ability.  However, the structure will be such that it will permit exploration of the subject without requiring the same degree of mathematical foundation.  This mathematical and problem solving component is introduced early in the book to build students' confidence in the process.