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Understanding Microstation V8 XM in 2D: A Basic Guide FOR XM and V8i Users

Karen Coen-Brown of the University of Nebraska and Rande Robinson of the North Carolina Department of Transportation
Understanding MicroStation V8 XM in 2D covers the essentials of creating 2D models in MicroStation V8 XM.  It is an updated version of Understanding MicroStation /J which was adopted at numerous schools and continues the straightforward and easy to read format of the previous editions.
If you are familiar with previous versions of MicroStation then this book will show you how to continue using MicroStation V8 XM while easing you and your students into the new user interface elements and enhancements.  New to MicroStation? This text is an extremely valuable tool in getting you and your students headed in the right direction.
While other CAD books try to cover everything about a product, Understanding MicroStation V8 XM in 2D shows you the basics that you need to get started. Numerous exercises are provided to sharpen your students’ skills. This book provides real world tips and hints to get students up and running quickly and easily while building a solid base from which to continue explorations of MicroStation.
Includes a chapter dealing with the newest V8i version of MicroStation. This chapter covers the new interface and the other minor 2D tool changes when going from XM to V8i.