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Anatomy and Physiology

Second Edition

Atlas of the Sheep Brain

R. Glenn Northcutt, Kenneth L. Williams, and Robert P. Barber

With the recent increase in the interest in neurology, there is an ever growing need for a manual which goes behond the brief presentation given in beginning anatomy texts, but less extensive than the average text in neurology. This atlas meets this need and is of use to student in many fields who need a basic understanding of the rudiments of neuroanatomy.

The sheep brain is particularly appropriate for presentation because it can be obtained cheaply in large numbers and is large enough to be disected easily. This is not the case with cat brains, which are difficult to study macroscopically, or with monkey brains, which cannot be obtained in large numbers.

The manual is designed with the assumption that the student is at least acquainted with basic anatomical terminology obtained through a general anatomy course.