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American Literature


Ernest Hemingway and the Arts

Emily Stipes Watts

Ernest Hemingway and the Arts is now reissued in paperback in its original, complete text. First published in 1971, Ernest Hemingway and the Arts was an MLA Scholars’ Library Selection and became a landmark not only in Hemingway studies, but also in interdisciplinary approaches to the arts.

Emily Watts explores and explains Hemingway’s use of art and architecture as integral to his fiction and non-fiction in its technical and allusive significance. This edition includes re-productions of art which Hemingway owned or which were important to him. An appendix contains references to art which can be found in Hemingway’s published works, statements concerning art which have been attributed to him, and other artistic associations which his critics have noted.

Hemingway said, “I learned to make a landscape from Mr. Paul Cezanne.” Emily Watts carefully delineates just what Hemingway learned from Cezanne, as well as from other artists.